• VIVO Music Festival (map)
  • Hocking Hills, Ohio
  • United States

Third season of VIVO Music Festival in Columbus, Ohio as violinist and co-artistic director. In partnership with Tuesday Musical, VIVO will spend its first week in Hocking Hills, Ohio performing for schools and culminating in a performance at the Stuarts Opera House.

W. A. MOZART Quintet for Clarinet and Strings, K. 583
Gabriel Campos-Zamora (clarinet), Siwoo Kim (violin 1), Jeff Myers (violin 2), Jack Stulz (viola), Alice Yoo (cello)

Arnold SCHOENBERG Verklärte Nacht
Jeff Myers (violin 1), Siwoo Kim (violin 2), Matthew Lipman (viola 1), Jack Stulz (viola 2), Matt Zalkind (cello 1), Alice Yoo (cello 2)